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Using Creative Visualization to Quit Smoking

Besides posing a serious health risk and possibly affecting your social life, smoking also has another consequence few people are aware of. Since smoke is "absorbed" into the body through our respiratory system (arguably the most "subtle" part of our physiological system), it's exactly the subtle centers of our being that are most affected by it. In my opinion, most of the diseases smoking is responsible for are just final manifestations of an entire array of problems on the subtle level. By voluntarily inhaling smoke instead of air (notice the "intention" here, since smoke is not inhaled accidentally but on purpose!) we are actually "declaring" our availability to be polluted.

But pollution can be psychic just as well as physical, and I'd say it is probably what smokers should fear most, because unlike serious illnesses it kicks in immediately and will trigger a number of effects that will remain invisible until the inevitable occurs.

Jose Silva pioneered a very effective way to quit this habit quickly, safely and - most important - definitively. By using creative imagination to this purpose you are taking control right at the source (your mind), and the effect of this "treatment" will tend to be more powerful, longer-lasting and with less stress on yourself than other alternatives (patches, electronic cigarrettes, etc.). As Jose Silva put it "the mind, not the body, introduced the smoking habit in you", so it's only fair that the mind do the job of cleaning up, while the body can be spared unnecessary stress :-)

This is what Jose Silva advises:
"Go to your level and see yourself on your mental screen in the situation where you normally smoke your first cigarette of the day. Visualize yourself, fully at ease, from that moment until the end of an hour, doing everything you would normally do except smoking. If, for example, the hour is 7:30 to 8:30 A.M., say to yourself, "I am now and will remain a former smoker from 7:30 to 8:30 A.M. I enjoy being a former smoker during this hour. It is easy and I am used to it."

This first hour of freedom from cigarettes may not look like much at first, but it is a starting point of a mental revolution. Gradually, you can go for 2 hours, then for more. Little by little, your body will learn how to submit to the higher power of your mind. 

Another trick advised by Silva is to ask yourself at any other time (when you are not yet a "former smoker") if you REALLY want that cigarette. You will notice that the answer will increasingly be no. Wait until you really "need it". Make sure you protect your liberated hours and remind yourself that during that time you are and will remain a non-smoker.

Here's another inspirational technique reported by Jose Silva:
"A pack-and-a-half-a-day smoker for eight years, an Omaha man visualized in Alpha all the cigarettes he'd ever smoked—a great heap of them. Then he put them in an incinerator and burned them.Next he imagined all the cigarettes he would smoke in the future unless he stopped—another great mount of them—and he gleefully burned these too in the incinerator. After having quit smoking many times in the past, this time he gave up cigarettes for good after only one meditation. No craving, no overeating, no side effects."

Remember, your mind can do amazing things. It can achieve goals that your body seems completely incapable of reaching. We owe it to ourselves to learn to understand our wonderful mind and use it to the full extent of its capacity. 

How about you, are you a smoker or a former smoker? Have you ever tried visualization techniques to quit smoking? Please share with us your experience with these techniques, and let us all be smoke-free! :-)

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