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A Mind Control Exercise to Strengthen Intimacy in Couple

Today I want to offer you a simple yet powerful method of connecting or reconnecting to your partner so as to achieve a higher level or intimacy and increase happiness in couple.It comes from Jose Silva's "Mind Control" book, which is one of my favorite sources for creative visualization and personal improvement techniques.

Jose Silva believed that the foundation of a good marriage is intimacy - not the intrusive invasion of privacy, but the one resulted from deep understanding and acceptance of each other. During meditation, minds connect intimately and they touch in ways otherwise possible only to those who shared full lifetimes together. This is a "gift" that a loving couple could make to each other, and whose benefits can last for a lifetime.

The Exercise (as described by Jose Silva):

"1. Select a place where you both feel happiest most relaxed. It might be a place where you vacationed together, any place with especially pleasant memories you share. It can even be a place neither of you has ever seen—you can create it together. Do not however, select a place where only one of you has been. This will skew the symmetry of the experience and reduce the sense of sharing.

2. Sit comfortably, close, facing each other. Relax and let your eyes close.

3. One of you will say to the other something like this:
"Im going to count slowly from ten to one, and with each count you will feel yourself going deeper into a pleasant meditative level of mind. Ten—nine—feel going deeper—eight—seven—six—deeper and deeper —five—four—deeper still—three—two—one. You are now relaxed, at a deep, pleasant level of mind. With your help, I will join you there."

4. The other will say:
 "I will count slowly from ten to one, and with each count well come closer in a deep level of mind. Ten—nine—feel going deeper with me—eight—seven—six—deeper and deeper together-five—four—deeper still and closer—three—two—one. We are now both relaxed, at a pleasant level of mind. Let us go deeper together."

5. The first person will say, "All right, let's go very deep together. Let's experience our place of relaxation together. The more we experience this, the deeper we will go. Notice the sky..."

6. "Yes . . . it's clear, with a few drifting clouds." Each of you will slowly, spontaneously, describe the scene you are experiencing together—the temperature, the colors, the sounds, all the pleasant details.

7. When you are both at a deep level—no hurry about this—-and fully experiencing your place of relaxation, one of you will say to the other, "I want most in life to make you happy, and only then do I want to make myself happy."

8. The other will say, "And I want most to make you happy, and only then to make myself happy."

9. Allow a period—as long as you want—of silent communion, then awaken. For some, this period of silent communion may be experienced even more deeply by gazing into each other's eyes. It is entirely possible for the experienced meditator to remain at Alpha or Theta with eyes open. If you are not comfortable with this, do not force it."

Becoming psychically sensitive can enrich and improve a marriage immensely. Even without training, long and happy marriages can result in a deep psychic understanding between partners. But when such an experience is shared between two people that are already familiar, intimate and well connected at deeper levels of the mind, the results are even more spectacular.
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