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The Abundance Block

Today I want to focus on one particular problem I had to deal with myself. I call it the Abundance Block.

The Abundance Block is a set of deeply-rooted beliefs and habits of mind that act as an obstacle to acquiring, keeping and enjoying wealth.

From my own experience with the visualization group and my friends, I’d say this mental block is the strongest, most powerful most of us have to deal with. It’s also the most important to remove, since it has direct impact on many different areas of our life such as family, health or professional life.

Dealing with the Abundance Block

Cause nr.1: Poor Self-Esteem

If you constantly think less of yourself, in time you may establish a firm unconscious conviction that you are not worthy of having too much. Your mind will entertain this belief, and use it to create a reality where you struggle more and more, and have less and less. Nothing blocks more the abundance flow than feelings of ingratitude, frustration and a constant angry “struggle” for each and every thing.

If you recognize yourself in the above, try to think of yourself in universal, essential terms. You are not your work, your money or your body – your actual Self is a much higher reality. In the greater scheme of things, your value has nothing to do with these things – and you have been deemed worthy to be here and participate in manifestation. Lowering yourself is lowering the Universal Possibility. Denying your capacity to have more is to deny the capacity of the universe to expand and regenerate.

Start giving yourself value and the flow of abundance will find you without fail. Use affirmations to help you with that - they are very powerful in slowly and dissolving negative convictions. Respect yourself, your values and your status as a human being regardless of what comes your way.

Cause nr. 2: The Belief That the Rich Are Always Immoral, Greedy or Corrupt

The fact that you enjoy abundance in your life – with anything that comes along – does not make you a bad person. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: having enough to spare could make you the best version of who you are. You could help others (the way you may have always wanted), you can create opportunities for those close to you and you can change things for the better without compromising your values.

Some people make money through dishonest means. While that may be true, be careful not to put everyone in the same basket without good reason. You could be filthy rich while being honest and modest and you can just as well be immoral, greedy or corrupt without being rich at all. There is absolutely no reasonable direct connection between abundance and bad character. You are the creator and the actor of your own life, and it is up to you and you alone to stand straight and live up to your values.

Cause nr.3: The Belief That Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness

I’m the first one to say that money doesn’t bring happiness. Happiness is a state of our being, a certain way to experience reality that has nothing to do with how much you have in your bank account. However, given that happiness is a spiritual reality we can say with even more reason that money cannot take happiness away from you, either. If you were poor and happy and after getting rich you are suddenly unhappy, chances are you were never happy to begin with.

Don’t be afraid that having money will make you unhappy. Don’t expect it to make you happy, either. Simply remain open to the abundance flow and take from it what’s rightfully yours while maintaining your values and principles intact. If abundance is meant to come to you (and most of the time, it is!), why would you go out of your way to block it?

Cause nr. 4: The Desire to “Blend In”

For some of us, being financially better than the average level of our family or your close social circles could be something “uncomfortable”. When it comes to what we own, what we make and spend some people like to keep a low - sometimes way too low! - profile.

The reason why some of us choose to measure themselves against the standards of others may have nothing to do with low ambition or lack of intelligence. Sometimes people are raised with the preconceived idea that we should always “be like the others” even without realizing it, and many times it helps us be better and rise up to be the best in our family or group. However, when what corresponds to you is much higher these ideas limit our growth. If you feel that’s the case you need to start setting your standards higher or remove all your standards altogether, so you can grow according to your maximum capacity.

Cause nr.5: Misinterpreted Religious or Philosophical Beliefs

I left this particular aspect last, because it’s perhaps the most painful and the most avoidable. Without going into much detail here's a few of the most common misconceptions that can block you from living a full, happy, accomplished life:
  • Associating sanctity with poverty.
    Most saints were indeed not interested in earthly possessions, and that’s something I personally deeply respect. Sadly though, many people use this fact as an excuse for their own failures in life. Saints don’t hold on to possessions simply because they choose to avoid attachment. But they are fully happy, accomplished individuals and they are not happy because they’re poor, but because they don’t really care if they are rich or poor. If being poor keeps you frustrated, that’s a clear sign that you are not yet past the level of attachment and you could still increase your level of fulfillment by allowing abundance into your life.
  • Holding a strong belief that “money is the devil’s eye”.
    In fact, money is simply a means and can’t be evil, people make it evil when they put quantity ahead of quality and their egos ahead of their hearts.
  • The idea that money is purely “materialistic”, and it’s below your dignity to chase it.
    No one says you should chase money for the sake of money, or abandon who you are to make more. But there is also a certain qualitative aspect in money (which few can perceive). Money will take the “color” of the hand it’s in, it’s your own responsibility to make sure that you are gaining it the right way and using it for the right purpose.
  • The belief that “money corrupts the soul”.
    It can, but it doesn’t have to. Alcohol or sexual desire can also drive us astray, but this doesn’t mean we cannot have a glass of wine or make love to our spouses. Enjoying life’s pleasures with moderation and the right intention doesn’t mean we are corrupting our souls.

Affirmations are in my opinion the best method to “correct” these misconceptions. You need to slowly “dig” inside yourself, understand what your major blocks are and how they have affected you.  It’s not about transferring responsibility on them for the past - they were there for a good reason and there is nothing you can do to change that. But the time may have come for you to get rid of some of your limiting beliefs. Without shame or fear, start facing these beliefs, work on changing them towards what you feel corresponds best to who you are and finally open up to the life you’ve always wanted.
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