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Mind Blocks and Their Effects on Our Goals

When your goal you choose is something you truly desire in your heart and you apply the visualization techniques correctly and regularly, success is almost 100% guaranteed. Your mind can achieve in a matter of minutes what you may have struggled with your whole life.

But knowing what you truly desire (at your most profound levels) can be tricky. Sometimes our mind makes up scenarios, excuses and tricks to lead us in the wrong direction. Before looking for enemies outside ourselves, we need to face the enemy within, and stop it from causing further damage.

The Enemy Within

For instance, we may think we want to be rich but everything we have done for a long time shows quite clearly that on some unconscious level we may fear abundance and try to prevent it from coming our way.

Or we may think we are looking for true love, however we are constantly avoiding any situation that may lead to that desire come true. Sounds familiar? J

Our mind at its deeper levels and our heart (at all levels) cannot be tricked. In creative visualization our deeply-rooted convictions carry much more weight than our words or our thoughts. To be truly successful with visualization techniques, we need to establish a continuous flow between our conscious mind (the starting point when we do a visualization session) and the subtle part of our being (where all physical creation and transformation actually takes place). 

Once we have this connection, we can overwrite some of our deep beliefs which no longer correspond to who we are and what we want to become.

How Can We Overwrite Our Beliefs?

1)   By understanding some of the most common unconscious blocks and learning to remove them so they would no longer be an obstacle to our goals.

2) By opening up to the limitless possibilities of what we can achieve, while trying not to create new blocks.

Most major blocks accumulate over time through education and emotionally-charged experiences, so very few people can escape them. 
There are many types of blocks, most of us have at least one or two – so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Even the most successful individuals deal constantly with them. But the good news is: our mind can cut through these blocks like a hot knife through butter. 

Visualization techniques coupled with affirmations can work miracles in changing your mindset in the direction that you desire – all you need to do is understand how it works and then use the techniques confidently.
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