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What Are Affirmations & How to Use Them Effectively

Affirmations are one of the most important elements of creative visualization. 

They are strong, clear, positive statements (in present tense) that something in the future has already been achieved or already happened. 

The idea is to bring what you would like to see happening in the present and live it as a reality in the "here" and "now".

Shaping Affirmations on Our Spiritual Beliefs

Affirmations can be used alone, or within your creative visualization or meditation sessions. If you have a strong belief in a Higher Power (religious or not), you can definitely use your personal beliefs while making affirmations in the exact same way you do in your spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, etc.). This will add a strongly positive emotional element to your affirmations, thus increasing their efficiency.

Affirmations Overwrite Old Mental Habits

Words and ideas that run through our mind are the basis on which we form our experience of reality. But many of these thoughts are neither who we feel we are, nor representing what we would like to be. They are simply “remains” of all our past experiences: strong feelings, traumas, patterns of thought and action we’ve had for a long time. We've kept them there perhaps unconsciously, although they no longer represent us.

This "debris" in our mind is like a software code written by all our accumulated beliefs, readings, education and life experience. This code which commands our current mentality can generate actions that lead us in the wrong direction. Good news is: when it becomes obsolete, this code can & must be rewritten to fit the new version of who we are. It's just like upgrading ourselves to version 2.0, a better version of who we are.

This is exactly where our creativity comes into play and becomes a wonderfully powerful tool. Creative visualization allows us to easily decode what’s no longer useful in our mind and replace it with something that truly defines who we are and who we want to become.

Important Guidelines About Affirmations 

  • Always phrase affirmations in the present tense, not in the future. Just like you can't start your car tomorrow to go to work today, you can't expect the process of change to start unless you press the "start" button right at the moment of your affirmation.
  • Always phrase affirmations in the most positive way you can. "I am a good looking guy" is better than "I'm no longer fat and ugly".
  • Keep the affirmations simple, short and clear. If you can, increase their power with as much emotional involvement as you can by using the emotional triggers that work for you.
  • Use the affirmations that feel right for you. Even if you use ready-made affirmations, make sure you choose those who resonate best with who you are, so you can be fully sincere in the process. Your mind knows what's true for you and what isn't, and only sincere statements can generate real change.
  • Affirmations aim to create something new, they cannot change the past. If you need to deal with things from your past (that you can't change) focus on trying to change your current perception of things by bringing the negative emotions into the present, lowering their intensity and replacing them with actual positive input (see below).
  • Accept all your feelings and emotions – even the negative ones - and acknowledge them. At the same time, gradually allow affirmations to create a new point of view on those emotions.
  • State your affirmations with belief and confidence. If confidence is the problem you're trying to change in the first place, work on building a "reservoir of faith" by achieving simpler goals first. If you have trouble getting rid of negative suggestions, try a clearing exercise (we'll post some of these soon).

This is just an introductory post, so I have to stop here for now. But I'll prepare a follow-up on affirmations with some actual examples (some recommended by famous authors which I tried myself + some of my own). There will also be more technical information on how to get as much juice as possible from using affirmations, so I suggest you check back soon (or subscribe to get email notifications).
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  1. Hi Nikki, I'm Mike from the Oregon study group. we met last year. Happy to see you've decided to spread your knowledge on CI, wish you guys lots of luck and God bless.

    1. hey there Mike, thanks for stopping by! We just got started, there's a lot of work to do but I'm discovering the pleasure of going A to Z on CV once again. Many things to clarify in the process, learning is definitely a continuous process! email me please I'd like you to contribute with your own experience with CI and how you managed to cure yourself, it's an amazing story... Give my regards to Paula, tell her to give me a buzz next time she's in California ;-) all the best to both of you

  2. interesting.i tried this affirmations for 2 months and i succeded to get promoted, was very happy. i will try visualizing too, next month i want to start own business hope it helps

    1. That's right Paolo, creative visualization techniques work great with professional and financial goals. I'm happy to hear of your positive experience. Soon we'll post some more actual CV exercises, maybe you will find some inspiration for your own practice. Good luck to you, hope your business starts on the right foot ;-) - See more at: http://www.mindprofusion.com/2014/02/what-are-affirmations-how-to-use-them.html?showComment=1392640053458#c5646575958053014139

  3. hi, I have a question, can affirmations work the other way around? my husband is always saying bad things (true or not) he likes seeing the negative in everything and it affects me too, it's all i hear all day... i feel he probably contributes to a lot of problems we've had recently, without knowing. What can I do?

    1. Yes, all our words are charged with energy and meaning, and they all convey something - if affirmations and visualizing a positive reality can help us attract it, it's obvious the opposite can also be true.
      In fact, many people practice a weird form of anti-creative visualization or destructive visualization. And because they believe in all that negative stuff so blindly, the negativity becomes a self-fulfiled prophecy...
      I've been there, and only one thing worked for me, which I'm happy to recommend to you too: WORK ON YOURSELF. The more he whines, the more you should work on strengthening yourself. Arguing or even explaining is useless, because the negative vibes sent by some people are just enough to pin you down. But if you place youself on a higher vibe, the negativity will simply "disconnect" from you. I can't tell you how, but it will - your mind will find the right solution for the situation. Just feed it some good stuff, and your mind can do anything! Good luck, keep us posted ;-)


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