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Visualize Abundance in Your Life: A Meditation

Abundance is often thought about as a flow of material gains, lots of money and lavishness. That view is limiting to say the least. In fact, abundance starts in your mind and needs to become a mental and spiritual reality before it can fully manifest outwardly. 

What we want to create for ourselves first is a state of spiritual abundance, in which we open up to the generous flow of life and embrace all possibilities that come our way. 

In what follows we will try a simple exercise, an abundance meditation meant to remove some of the common mental blocks and help you connect to the very source of all Abundance. 

Ready? Let's begin!

  • Sit confortably and relax (you can use some of these techniques). Try to clear your mind of any immediate thoughts.

  • Start with the following affirmations (feel free to skip those you don't fully resonate with):

    - I am part of an abundant universe. Abundance is my true state of being.

    - The more I prosper, the more I can share with everyone else.

    - I am now ready to accept all the prosperity life can offer me, and I gratefully accept everything that belongs to me.

    - I have the courage to welcome abundance in my life.

    - I embrace the generous flow of life. I am connected to it right now. My mind is now fully open to all possibilities.

    - I am now rich, in conciousness and in manifestation, inside and outside.

    - I am deeply satisfied with my financial situation

    - I am grateful for everything that I have. I am truly grateful for everything I already received in my life and I am grateful to be able to receive more (repetition of the word "grateful" is important at the end).

  • Now, while gratitude still fully occupies your mind, start the visualization:

    - See yourself in a beautiful natural environment, with all the elements that you love most. Make the environment as rich, colorful and "abundant" as you can. Breath deeply, enjoy your presence in the middle of such a beautiful place. Spend as much time there as you want.

    - Now slowly come back home, to the place of your dreams. Do not limit yourself in any way, just visualize your house exactly as you want it, the way it makes you feel best. Spend some time admiring what you have, and re-enforce the feeling of gratitude.

    - Now visualize your house full of love, friendship and intimacy, with the people you love most. If right now you can't think of anyone in particular, imagine the friends that you've always dreamed of. Interact with them, see youself doing the things you want in a place that is comfortable, secure and - most of all - yours.

  • End with another short series of affirmations:

    - The world is an abundant place. I am fully enjoying a life of unlimited abundance and I am offering it back to the world. Everyone deserves to be happy and fulfiled.

  • Even if you change some details, try to keep the same structure of the session: affirmations, visualization, affirmations. I found this to be the best way to "fix" certain things in your mind. Clear, strong, positive statements can be exactly the trigger you want for the visualization to start manifesting at subtle levels.
  • Never "laugh" at yourself afterwards for doing such exercises. Understand their deep meaning and remember that mediation and visualization techniques have nothing to do with "wishful thinking". They are means to "reprogram" your mind to open up for love, happiness and prosperity, and they are more powerful than you can consciously imagine.

Allow the exercise to "sink" into your mind for 1-2 minutes before you reactivate your daily train of thoughts :-)
Please share with us your experience with this technique. It's my personal favorite abundance meditation (have been doing it for the past 1-2 years almost in this precise form). The result? In 2 years I managed to earn enough to buy half of our San Diego house (worth over $400.000) and set up 2 successful businesses in two different domains I had never thought of before. 

Try it once every 2-3 days for at least a month, I simply know it will make a huge difference (especially if you are new to creative visualization).

To you, with gratitude,

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