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The Importance of Relaxation

Research has proven that when you are fully relaxed, your brain enters slower wave patterns (“alpha”, “gamma”, “theta”, etc.). These patterns favor mental processes responsible for expanding your consciousness.

Since when you are deeply relaxed your mind works on a more subtle frequency, you are far more likely to generate change in the material world if you know how to tune in your brain to the right frequency. That’s why creative visualization (just like any other mind-body technique) is relying a lot on relaxation to be fully effective.

As the reality you are trying to modify in the physical world becomes denser and denser, you will need increasingly subtle methods to dissolve its shell in order to change the core. This leads us to an important practical conclusion: the goals you set for your visualization exercises should ideally match your ability to generate such deep states of relaxation (you can read more about specific relaxation and visualization methods in the section dedicated to visualization techniques).

In time, you will be able to determine more easily how “deep” you can actually go and adjust your goals accordingly. For some people the state of “alfa” (mentioned among others by Jose Silva in his method) is somewhat common and getting there is almost unnoticeable, while for others it may require some conscious effort. You will only need a few sessions to get an idea about how you work at these levels.

Advanced practitioners can tune their brain waves on frequencies even lower than Alfa (like for example Theta), with even more spectacular results. A study published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that the "compassion meditation" - a Buddhist visualization exercise focused on generating a feeling of love and kindness towards all – generates a large increase in gamma brain waves, a high level activity associated with consciousness. 

The science behind our brain function is obviously complex and a lot more remains to be explored, but one thing is clear: the more you manage to achieve deeper levels of relaxation while meditating or visualizing, the more change you will be able to generate (both within and in the outside world). And that’s exactly what we care about most in order to make our visualization exercises as powerful as possible.
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