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Does Creative Visualization Work? How? The 4 Pillars

This is a brief introduction into the basic principles of creative visualization (inspired by Shakti Gawain & other renowned authors). 
Here we focus exclusively on the principles of creative visualization, why it works and ideas for further understanding the visualization process. For visualization techniques go here.

1) The Entire Physical Universe Is Energy

According to quantum physics, "matter" as we normally perceive it simply doesn't exist. Physicists have proven that the ultimate "layer" of the material world is not a particle (even incredibly small!), but strings of energy

As they vibrate, these strings "produce" according to their frequency and strength what we perceive as physical particles (big or extremely small). In reality, everything that we see in our world is and always has been pure energy.
Different life strings vibrate on different frequencies. It is the subtle domain (that of dreams, thoughts, feelings, and so on) that governs these vibrations. In this sense, the physical world as we see it cannot be detached from its source. The entire universe (no matter how large it appears to us) is in fact an accurate projection of the subtle world we are part of.

All forms of energy are interrelated, because they have the same ultimate source. That may not be so hard to imagine, but the secret goes even deeper: no matter how "dense" an object may appear to our eyes, material objects are not "separate" entities existing independently. Everywhere in manifestation there's a continuous exchange based on the frequency of vibration - the next principle we will focus on.

2) Energy Is Magnetic

Energy of a certain magnetic frequency tends to attract another of similar frequency. Why? Simply because they are of the same nature. 

Imagine everything in the physical world as having their own satellite antenna, working on a certain frequency. All frequencies are always available, however a radio station can only connect to a broadcast if it joins in the same radio wave. 

In the same way, if you want happiness, wealth or success to respond to your broadcast,you need to make sure you send out the right kind of signal :-)

3) Form Follows Idea

Just like the world's oldest spiritual traditions always say, the creation chain starts at its most subtle, lowest-frequency point
From there, creation goes down into higher and higher vibrations, always from subtle to dense. The lower the frequency vibration of a thought, the higher its creative power.

Let's think for a moment: don't we all experience the process of creation every time we do something? 

First an idea comes to our mind (the subtlest form of energy). Then we transform the idea into an intention (we add the dynamic of "action" to our idea). Finally, we transform the intention into action and the action in turn has consequences

What is it that makes a thought - such a subtle, formless reality - eventually have the power to change the whole world through the chains of the creation process? 
It's our creative power, invested in us by our Creator.

An idea is like a magnet that guides the physical energy to flow into it and eventually turning into what we call physical reality. As a result, we are and have in the physical world exactly what we have created for ourselves.

4) Radiation Goes with Attraction 

You reap what you saw, at all levels of your conscience. Sometimes you may not realize that the frequency you're on is simply incompatible with, say, being rich. You think you want to have a lot of money, and that may be true . But do all the levels of your mind want the same thing?  

The law of attraction works both ways: from the universe towards you, and from you all across the universe. And the result is a continuous process of radiation / attraction / rejection to which we are all bound to participate for as long as we exist in human form.
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