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How to Create Your Personal Sanctuary

Once you've made your first steps with creative visualization it's time to create a sanctuary - a secret place within yourself only you will know about. 

This will be your area of personal safety, inspiration and motivation, an environment you can always use for all your visualization exercises. 

I think it's important to have it for 2 main reasons:

  • By creating an environment you know and enjoy, the sanctuary helps your mind relax and open up towards deeper levels. It can also replace your relaxation exercise if you are in a hurry.
  • The sanctuary can work as a channel between various levels of consciousness. When your mind wants to reveal something to you, it can do so more easily through changes in your sanctuary (since that's a mental reality you usually access in "alfa")
Let's go through the steps of creating your sanctuary. As always, don't force yourself to "comply" to any of these steps. Just relax and allow your mind to make its own choices.

  • Since it's the first time you build your sanctuary, make sure you are fully relaxed. Give it as much time as you need (see step 2 of this step-by-step visualization session for details)
  • Start the visualization. Imagine yourself in a beautiful, comfortable, peaceful natural environment.
    It can be anything and anywhere, real or imagined, on the earth or under water. Just make sure that wherever you locate your sanctuary you feel perfectly safe, happy and fulfiled. It's a place that really charges your batteries and makes you feel complete.
    Make it exactly how you like it: empty or crowded, sunny or rainy, warm or cold. Anything goes - just allow your mind to go free. Add any natural elements in the setting (for instance my sanctuary has a few really large rocks, 3-4 times my size).
  • When you are done visualizing the setting, start making yourself at home. Build a house or a shelter, surround it with a fence or a glowing light or do a ritual establishing it as your personal sanctuary. Make the place yours - you are now at home, your ideal home in the whole world.
  • End with several affirmations. These are my own - you can take them if they resonate with you or adapt them to suit you personally:

    "I am now home, where I feel happy and peaceful. In here, I am always safe. Here in my sanctuary I can be my own self. Whenever I come here, I instantly heal physically and emotionally. I am happy and greateful to be here (X3)"

From now on, your sanctuary will always be there for you. Whenever the outside world is giving you trouble, just spend a few minutes within the glowing light of your inner sanctuary. From now on you can also go there to do your creative visualization exercises. As you start feeling your sanctuary as your inner home you will see the power of your visualizations increase dramatically. 

In time, as you come back "home" you may find things in different places from where you last saw them... Observe the changes and try to understand why they happened. Since you last visited, your mind at deeper levels of consciousness may have been there. It may have left you valuable clues... When I understood that I felt the need to establish a real communication method - so right now my sanctuary has a mailbox. That's right, one of those cartoon-like mailboxes installed on a stick :-) 

Here's how I use the mailbox... When my mind is stuck on an question or problem I can't seem to get over, I just leave a message in the mailbox and forget about it.
Next time I come, sometimes I find a note, or an object in the mailbox. Whatever it is, I simply continue the visualization and watch myself read the response note or use the object. Try it - you will be surprised how much your mind knows about yourself and how valuable such an input can be.

Care to share a few things with us about your own sanctuary? How is it like? How do you feel when you go "home"?
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