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Getting Started with Creative Visualization: My First Session

I hope that that by now you've managed to cover the basic principles and you're ready for a first session. Let's get to work! :-)

In this post I'll try to guide you step by step through a visualization session and discuss a few things you should expect. Remember that visualization is a personal, subjective experience, so there are no rules written in stone. This short tutorial will come handy if you are just getting started, but soon enough you will develop your own method, centered around what comes naturally to you.

Step 1: State of Mind

It will be easier to relax, focus and visualize if you are in a state of calm, without any pressure and ideally without much noise surrounding you. Find a good spot where you can be alone for 10-15 minutes without interruptions. Although visualization works great in the evening or at night before sleep, I suggest you choose a moment of the day when you're not too tired.

Step 2: Relaxation

Before starting the actual visualization exercise, it's very important to thoroughly relax (see why). This is a basic relaxation technique I personally use:

  • Sit comfortably making sure no part of the body is under physical tension. I personally prefer lying down with a small pillow under my neck.
  • Close your eyes, and first try to relax your entire body, without pressuring yourself. Just relax... At this point you're simply trying to remove the general tension. When you can barely feel any particular body part, move on to the next step. Keep your mind alert and focused on what you're doing.
  • Now it's time to start the actual active relaxation.
  • Start scanning your body with your mind and try to use the power of your intention to consciously relax every part. Don't focus on imagery (how your body parts look like) but on sensations. Just go slowly from one body part to the next.
    Start with your head, since it's where you will immediately notice the effect (you will probably feel the eyes, neck and mouth releasing their tension under the power of your mind). Keep going. Relax your neck, shoulders, arms. Then move on to the chest, back, lower back, thighs, knees and feet. Wherever you feel any opposition, stop for a moment and focus your attention on that particular spot. 
  • Do another scan if needed. Remember, don't rush yourself. I personally do at least 2 until I genuinely feel by body completely "surrendered" to my mind. Sometimes when I start the session immediately after some intense activities or strong emotion, I feel distracted and the first scan seems too rapid and superficial. In such cases, I do up to 3 scans until I am fully satisfied with my body's state of relaxation.
Be careful not to start "imagining" things that have nothing to do with the exercise - if that happens you're probably losing the conscious focus and you can't exercise your attention and intention properly. Try to stay fully awake. If you have trouble staying awake when relaxing. choose a different position and if you still feel too tired, open your eyes. 
If you visualize with your eyes open you may experience some distractions. That's not an ideal situation, but remember that the main point is to exercise your attention and direct your intention where you want it to go. This is only possible if you are awake, so do whatever you have to do to avoid falling into a state of numbness.

Step 3: Affirmations

There are many types of visualization for different purposes - it all depends on your goal. I'm going to assume that by now you've chosen a goal (you may work on several goals at the same time if you wish), and we're going to learn how to focus on it. I'm going to take an example of my own. 

One of my first sessions was focused on a financial goal (always a popular choice) :-) This is more or less the sequence I followed:
  • I started with a few affirmations. By the way, I am always using affirmations that I strongly believe in. In time it proved to be a good strategy (apparently our mind knows well when we're lying to ourselves and it can immediately take us off the right frequency vibration if we do).
    The affirmations I used were:
    "I have the power to change my life with my own mind. My body is now fully relaxed, and I am letting go of all suggestions that create financial blocks. Right now, I am letting go of all negative suggestions, at all levels of my conscience. My body is relaxed, and my mind is wide open to all possibilities of financial profit. I intend to use my money only for good, honorable purposes, and I deserve to earn more. Gaining the amount of $...by the end of next month is completely within my reach, and I am fully ready to work hard to achieve this goal."
    NOTE: For my affirmations, I only used statements I knew to be 100% accurate (to the best of my knowledge and belief). The monthly gain I was aiming for was almost twice my usual monthly income at the time. But I fully believed that opening myself up to all possibilities could easily bring me much more. In the end, I was right. By the end of next month I did actually reach my goal through a new personal opportunity (entirely unpredictable at the time of my first visualizations).

Step 4: Visualization

After you finish your affirmation, you can move on to your first visualizations. I will continue on my own example and tell you exactly how I did it. By the way: these first sessions were some of the best I ever did, although I was just getting started.
  • I started by having a quick "look" at the present situation, and visualize the "problem" - in my case it was actually not a real problem but more of a desire to earn more.
    You can use a mental "screen" and have the images pass in front of you like in a movie, or you can "see" the images right where they belong in real life (taking yourself with your mind to the actual time and place of the image). For me, the second technique worked best.
  • I quickly transported myself into a few occasions where I had needed more money. I didn't insist on them, just quickly passed them through my mind as an "opening".
  • Then, I started focusing on the goal. I put myself in the position of already enjoying its achievement. My personal technique is to actually visualize the exact moment when I see it fulfilled and then go from there.

    Here's what I did:

    I visualized myself in front of my computer, doing my usual end-of-month financial breakdown. I was looking at some amazing numbers in my homebank. I had made twice what I was usually making, and the balance of my account was showing approximately $x more than it would have normally (after paying all expenses). That extra was mine to enjoy, and it looked like I was really happy about it. The number was right there (I know the screen well, so it was easy to picture the digits exactly where they usually appear).

    With a nice cup of coffee in my hand, I was smiling and talking loudly with someone while wrapping things up. Right before logging off my homebank page, I had another look at the balance and gave myself a "Yes!" in low voice. Then I logged off the pc.

    Then I "followed myself" in a few situations over the next few days: I was taking some cash out, making some wire transfers (buying things that I needed), meeting some friends for a lovely lunch (which I paid for!), being all
    confident, active and grateful for this new turn of events.  I even gave myself a new look: it was obvious judging on my looks that I had taken good care of myself. I looked great, and it felt GREAT! :-)

    IMPORTANT: all this while, my mind was
    fully immersed into this new situation. I realized after I was done that the exercise actually made me smile. It was FUN. I had actually lived the experience of that financial gain fully in my mind, and after I was done it really felt like a "done deal".

Step 5: Ending the Session

I finished when the visualization momentum  "exhausted" itself naturally. I didn't plan when to end it, and had no idea how long it took, it simply felt like my job was done and it was time to open my eyes.
I counted from 1 to 10 slowly, trying to get my mind to reconnect to where I was physically. I said that I was going to open my eyes at the count of 10, and feel relaxed after the exercise. I opened my eyes very slowly, and gave myself some 30seconds more before getting up.
Right afterwards I felt invigorated, just like after a long nap. It took me another hour to get to sleep, because I was in a really nice "high" vibe after the session :-)

I will come back to some elements of this session in future posts and discuss them in more detail. For now, I just wanted to give you guys an A to Z guide to an actual visualization session

It's not the "right way" to do it, it's just the way i did it myself. I had a series of about 10 sessions that month (more or less similar to this one but probably shorter), and the goal was achieved with great success. This was not the biggest goal I achieved, but it was the most rewarding because it was the first and gave me a huge amount of self-confidence :-)

Please share with us your own first experiences with creative visualization, and how it worked out for you. I always find inspiration in the sincerity and openness of a beginner trying something for the first time. While solid knowledge and a good technique are of course important, what can be stronger than a pure, open heart?
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  1. This sounds so exciting, im going to try a session today, i have a goal ready too


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