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Benefits of Creative Visualization

“The purpose of creative visualization is: 
  1. to connect us with our 'being'.
  2. to help us focus and facilitate our 'doing'.
  3. to deepen, expand, and align our 'having'.”
Shakti Gawain

Being, doing and having are the main coordinates of our existence. As long as we keep them in balance, our energy flows naturally back and forth. But when even one side of this triangle is out of sync, the natural flow is interrupted and problems start to appear.

Creative visualization aims at restoring the balance between these 3 axes and keeping us as close as possible to the exact center of the "being-doing-having" triangle. 

However, since form follows idea, the most efficient way to correct an imbalance is to start from the top down. Shakti explains it like this:

"You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want."

Once you learn to "connect", what can you achieve by visualizing? Let's look at just a few things...


  • achieve a higher level of consciousness
  • discover your higher purpose
  • boost your memory, awareness or creativity
  • see and live your life as a work of art

  • heal yourself, physically and emotionally
  • discover true success in your profession
  • learn to excel in any field of human action (art, sports, etc.)
  • achieve goals more easily


  • reach your desired level of prosperity
  • find harmony and fulfilment in your couple
  • see great opportunities come your way
  • live a long life 

Real-life Success Stories

Many celebrities openly confessed practising creative visualization to achieve success: Oprah, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Anthony Robbins and Bill Gates are just a few examples. Jim Carrey visualized a $10million check over 7 years before finally seeing the actual check in his hands (for his role in "Dumb and Dumber").

Personally, I had goals reached in just a few hours and I've "seen" real life events on a screen in my mind as they were happening, but this was not always the case. However, even when my visualization sessions did not produce the exact outcome I expected, they always had a positive impact

Sometimes I would fail to achieve my goal, but at the same time the turn of events drove me into a situation even more favorable than the one I had visualized. I don't know how that happened... But in time I realized that success (just like failure) has a way of finding those who really aim at it long enough and strongly enough. And the Supreme Will (call it by whatever name you wish) works in really misterious but generous ways :-)

Different people want different things, and how much you succeed is up to you. But whatever it is you wish for, if you really want it and are willing to do the work (there's no "having" without "doing") creative visualization will bring it closer to you. Maybe much closer than you can now imagine.

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