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Pure Meditation: The Silent Prayer

Meditation is your gateway to a thousand blessings. 

From shaping a healthy, well-toned body to achieving inner peace and spiritual awareness, its benefits are simply spectacular. Today more than ever people from all walks of life seem eager to learn, understand and practice more of this wonderful art and science.

For myself, the most rewarding form of meditation is the one where my unique drive is to reconnect with the Source, my Identity, my true Self. I call it The Silent Prayer.

Today I'll only look at its general purpose and meaning – in future posts we can go into various meditation techniques and give more insights into this powerful method of self-enquiry.

The Silent Prayer does not aim for gains of any kind. It's a prayer without words and without thoughts.

Where You Lose Your Ego, You Find Your Self

The main idea behind it is simple: when the ego is surrendered to its Source, all its desires, frustrations, passions and sufferings are extinguished. Once that happens, there's no more "I" and no more "wish". How could I want or ask for anything when there is no more “I” behind my desire and no “me” to pray for?

For as long as such a state is maintained, the mind rests and we reside in the Self - one with our Source like a child in his mother’s womb. This state of "absence" from the world of thoughts and senses carries within a truly great secret.

You see, when your ego is silenced, you cannot “ask” for anything. As you erase your noisy, demanding ego, your shining Self (that’s always been there) becomes present. All you do is simply sit still, wish for nothing, hope for nothing - you simply ARE.

The Sufis say that those who pray without making any demand will always receive what God considers to be the right gift for them. In other words, if you leave the “demand” field empty, The Supreme Will itself will fill in the blanks. Can you imagine the power of such an association? And all you need to do is quietly "retire from the picture", erase youself so that the Universal Will can manifest in you freely.

However, the response to a Silent Prayer may not always come as you expect. 

When you ask for a car, the only thing that will satisfy (your ego, in this case) is a car. But when you set your heart open and make your mind still, there is no limit on what you can receive. You're opening up to Infinity, and the possibilities are limitless. So, incomprehensible as the response may be to you sometimes, it always comes and it’s always exactly what you need.

Not to mention the deep state of peace and serenity you will find while meditating and afterwards. Isn’t that already worth a few minutes of your daily time? ;-)
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