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How to Align Your Mind with Your Goals: 2 Powerful Secrets

One of the best-kept secrets of winners (in any walk of life) is their ability to control their mind and prevent it from becoming their own worst enemy. Simply being able to “be yourself” is sometimes all you need to succeed in everything.

But achieving this natural state of mind has become a great challenge due to many false assumptions about ourselves that we gradually learn to accept during our formation years. And these false beliefs become our prison and our guards.

So, before training your mind to push you forward towards realizing your dreams, the first and most important step is to make sure that your mindset is not an obstacle against your goals.

For starters, I want to share with you two very powerful mind tools you can start using now, today, to start unlocking your mind from its own prison. They have been a tremendous help to me and I can't recommend them enough.
Let me ask you this: have you ever seen a tennis legend like Djokovic or Nadal come back from a 2-set handicap and still manage to win the match 3-2?

Or a Formula 1 world champion who starts the race last on the grid and still manages to overtake all his opponents without making any mistake?

Have you ever thought what must go through their mind as they march forward to claim that nr.1 spot in spite of all difficulties?

Well, they all have something in common: the strong belief that the winner's spot is the only place they deserve.

These world class champions don’t march for something extraordinary, “out of this world”. They don’t chase “dreams”. In fact, most people who see their dreams come true don’t even see them as dreams, but as realities bound to happen. They simply claim what’s rightfully theirs.

We're talking about a state of mind in which the idea of defeat simply does not exist. Real winners do not question (not even for a split second) that they really deserve to win. In short, they are winners in their mind (in present tense) even before the event starts.

Within my own Silva Method training, I found the following subtle understanding to be particularly powerful: in order to achieve something you must not think of it as a “dream”, or envision yourself reaching that goal in x number of years. Instead, you must train yourself to bring the “dream” into the “here” and “now”. Suceess wants you to think and speak in present tense. The present is the only Real time, the only reality touching all levels of your Consciousness.

So what can you do to immediately slip into the mindset of a world champion?

The first step is understanding 2 simple principles about how your mind functions – first at the level of your “normal” consciousness (also known as the “beta” level of your mind), then more and more profoundly at deeper levels.

1) Your mind (at all levels except “beta”) does not distinguish between negative and positive phrasing.

Psychological research has shown that at deeper levels of consciousness, the words “no” and "not" don't necessarily reverse the meaning of a word or phrase.

If you want your mind to follow your lead, you should never give it “negative” instructions (“don’t think about Sally!”, “stop being such a control freak!”, etc.) because all your mind will receive from you will be the keywords “Sally” and “control freak”. As such, your mind will hold on to the “Sally” thought even stronger than before and you risk becoming even more of a control freak :-)

Now compare that with going into positive mode and think: “I wonder what Mary is doing...” and “I am learning to deal with certain realities with serenity and understanding”.

In this case, the keywords you are sending to your mind will be “Mary”, “deal with”, “serenity”, “understanding”. Your mind will receive some positive, clear instructions about what it’s supposed to do and, more often than not, will follow your lead.

2) At deeper levels of consciousness, your mind only works in the PRESENT.

For your mind, past and future do not represent valid forms of reality. If you tell yourself “I used to have a great body” or “some day, I will become a champion” the vibe you send towards the deeper levels of your mind is: “My body now is not great” and “I am not a champion right now”. Quite different than what you had hoped, isn't it?

Your mind is powerful, and can turn your body into anything you ask for. If your suggestions include positive thoughts for the future but negative affirmations about the present, the negative side of your speech will prevail. You don't want that. You want the positive side to touch your life right now.

So try something like this instead: “I worked hard, and now I truly deserve to win this game. I am champion material, and this is a great opportunity to prove it”.

Past and future are just creations of our mind, designed to give us a sense of orientation and continuity. But once we descend (or should we say ascend?) into higher levels of consciousness, our mind speaks a different language. There, only what exists here & now, IS.

When you are communicating with your mind, you have to be fluent in its language. This language never uses past and future tenses – the only valid ways to state a truth is in the present and present continuous. Once the message gets through, your mind will RSVP with all the help you need, and sometimes much more.


You are now aware of 2 powerful weapons, always at your disposal: relating yourself to the “now” and expressing yourself in positive terms (by using as few negative particles in your thoughts and speech as possible).

I suggest you follow these rules not only in what you say but especially in what you think, because your thoughts are the root of your words and they should be the first to receive attention. Start using these 2 powerful guidelines today, in everything you do, see how it goes. Watch how your mind gets structured & your thoughts seem to “align”.

The first change (thinking in the “now”) will probably amaze you most. Once your center of attention is in the moment, the noise made by your mental projections into your past and future simply ceases to bother you.

As your attention draws away from false images (of what is no more or not yet) you will have more time to focus on the present. You may experience a feeling of calm, a more joyful experience of your everyday interactions, and – the best of all – the feeling that you somehow have “more time” during the day.

Personally, I managed to gain 1-2 hours of "real time" every day by actively focusing on this particular issue for just a few months. It's really mindblowing.

You will see more opportunities around you, more options for every choice you have to make and a larger perspective in your vision of yourself and the surroundings. In short: more freedom in a much more predictable environment.

The second change - eliminating “negative” particles from your thoughts and discourse - will have an even stronger long-term impact.

Did you know that negative particles (like “don’t”, “no”, “not”, “never”, etc.) are responsible for about 80% of our daily judgments?

Most of these judgments (about people on the subway, work colleagues, your family, etc.) are in fact just noise made by your mind turned against itself. Without all this noise – and now more focused on the present as before – you can now fully enjoy a higher state of awareness, increased productivity and more harmonious social relations. You will convey more and more self-confidence and authority to everyone around.

Now just think for a moment…

If you can make such an impact on your mindset just by making 2 simple changes in your natural state of consciousness (which is just the tip of the iceberg), how much stronger will the effect be if you start working with the deeper levels of your mind?

That’s exactly what The Silva Method does. By teaching you how to reach the more subtle levels of your mind and make profound changes directly at the source of your thoughts, you can really start being your own master.

Silva will teach you how to visualize your goals in present tense, how to train your mind to follow what you truly want and allow it to be your most precious ally in everything you do.

Not only you will never sabotage your dreams again, but you consciously walk towards them while knowing that everything you once were and will ever be – you already are and always have been.
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